Large Group

With the core emphasis on Bible study, a large group meeting is a great place to enjoy a time of praises, sermons, and fellowship.

Meeting on a regular basis is the key in the development of a group identity and a common vision. Furthermore, when we worship together, the spiritual atmosphere is different from that of an individual’s quiet time – we can experience a very strong presence of God. It is also a chance to break bread and testify among one another of God’s goodness.

Small Group

Small groups are interactive, personal approaches to studying the Bible. Being small in size can create an intimate environment that unites and draws us closer because more attention is given to each individual. An designated leader will give short lectures and those in the group are free to express opinions and remarks.

As Jesus raised disciples from the outset of his ministry, we also pray that God may raise many disciples of Jesus Christ through our small groups.

Retreat / Conferences

Young Disciples of Jesus organizes several retreats and student conferences throughout the school year. These gatherings can range from one day to several weeks. Students who attend these events experience more intensive training on how to walk daily with the Lord and separation from the worries and temptations of the world, helping them to focus on nurturing their faith.

These events can also include group activities that help build a comfortable environment where students can open their hearts, freely share their joy and troubles to one another, and develop their faith through receiving encouragements or listen to sermons.

To Know Christ, and To Make Him Known