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When it comes to our internships, we design them so that both students and graduates get the most out of them and so that they can realise their full potential throughout fulfilling God’s mission.

The experiences that our current members undergo are ones which change their lives. Regardless of whether you choose to continue as a YD staff member after your internship or perhaps you aim to live missionally in the vocation of your choice; the experiences which you will undergo are quite memorable.

Our internships are designed so that you can put your skills to good use whilst training to work with many of the initiatives which we represent.

Below are some of the different internships which we have to offer which allow individuals to put their unique skills to use when fulfilling God’s mission across the world.

US Internship. After graduating, take a year to work alongside our current YD staff team on a campus where they prioritise building a spiritual movement. You can also choose to intern within one of our many national ministries, or even intern in one of the operational roles which are based within our ministry office teams.

International Internship. After you have graduated, take the following year to work alongside some of the current YD staff members within one of our international campuses where we reach out to different students and do what we can to discipline them regarding the building of spiritual movements.

Part-Time Internship. If you’re currently an undergraduate but are looking for different ways to get involved, no problem! We offer part-time internships so that you can spend some of your spare time getting involved with us in any way that you can, without disrupting your studies.

If you want to apply our internship please email us at, and one of our staff members will get in touch with you shortly. 

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