Two thousand years ago, two fishermen went about their daily business of casting nets into the lake. Nobody knew their names, and they never imagined that they could make a change to the history of the world. However, on this fateful day, everything changed, they heard a call from the shore saying, “come and follow me.” That day they obeyed the voice and followed, and their lives were transformed and they became life transformers. The two fishermen that are been discussed here are Peter and Andrew while the voice that called them was that of Jesus.

This story is similar to the experience of many young men and women daily. They follow Jesus when they are called, their lives are transformed and they become life transformers. At YD, we are part of those who have been transformed by Jesus and we want you to experience the same transformation that happened to us.

How long does it take to be transformed? It could take two weeks, maybe two months, the time is not fixed and unknown, only God knows. However, we are definitely certain that Jesus can gloriously change and transform your life, once you give Him a chance.

Here are the chances of life transformation Jesus provides to you through YD today:

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