About YD

Who We Are


Young Disciples International (YDI) seeks to lead people to receive new life by faith in Jesus Christ and have it more abundantly, proclaiming the gospel through their lives and bringing about change both locally and globally.

YDI is an evangelical youth ministry committed to:

  1. Outreach: Reaching out to transform the lives of youth through the love of Jesus Christ revealed on the cross of Calvary.
  2. Discipling: Making disciples who desire to follow Jesus Christ and imitate Him, being witnesses who proclaim the gospel both through their words and actions.
  3. Fellowship: Sharing in the love of God, growing in relationship with God and with others.
  4. Equipping: Helping believers to discover and develop God-given gifts and talents that will prepare them of a lifetime of serving God and building up others.
  5. Impact: Opening a way and providing a platform for the youth of this generation to positively influence the world and advance the kingdom of God, whether acting locally on campus, in the neighborhood or serving in overseas missions.

To Know Christ, and To Make Him Known