One-to-One Bible Study

Meeting up with another Christian for one-to-one bible study is a brilliant way to help us grow in our personal relationships with God. We hope to provide individuals with a counseling atmosphere where questions, including personal ones, can be raised without difficulty. One-to-one bible study is also a chance for growing Christians to explore the bible hands-on with someone who is more spiritually mature. If the individual is willing, the bible study teacher can hold him/her accountable for things like praying and reading the bible to get to know God better.

Group Bible Study

Bible studies are also given to groups from small to large scale gatherings. Compared to one-to-one Bible studies, these studies are less intensive and stimulate learning through passive methods such as fellowship and sharing of faith among peers. Normally a small lecture will be given and questions are asked afterwards to help instill learning into the memory.

Self-Study Training

Beyond attending the regular study course offered by Young Disciples of Jesus, YD also offer training to students with self-study courses that teach the basics such as writing reflections, reading the Bible daily, and how to spend your quiet time with God. Every student is encouraged to build a good habit of constantly improving his or her relationship with God.

Leadership Training

Young Disciples of Jesus is concerned about God’s vision for His campuses and the development of leadership. We believe that it is the ministry’s responsibility to train and develop young students in faith to bear the Lord’s vision and to lead his believers and direct those who do not believe to salvation.

Faith does not end in discipleship. As Jesus told disciple Peter to feed his sheep, we believe that the utmost goal for each believing student is to support those in need of his gospel.

We believe that a leader is molded by trials of fire and difficulties. Therefore we constantly encourage students to uphold the gospel of Jesus Christ and have a heart for the discontent and the ones who are suffering today without Him, and to take on a greater responsibility that God is calling them for.

Each year, YD holds numerous seminars and mission conferences to train new leaders to take on the task from teaching Bible studies to leading a ministry chapter. Also, we provide opportunities for students to gain field experiences in missions and chances to practice their faith. Our goal as campus ministry is to share God’s calling for students on campus and the vision to partake in the building of His kingdom.


Once a month, Young Disciples of Jesus would gather its leaders from each nation and arrange multiple workshops and seminars led by experienced leadership to teach younger leadership methods of the ministry.

The seminars feature scenarios such as what you would face during evangelism, or when you are counseling a student on Biblical questions or problems of personal faith with God. The ministry will determine what topics would most benefit the development of the younger leadership according to the culture of the region.

International Conferences

Young Disciples of Jesus International Conferences are held about 3 times a year and members who participate in this significant event include missionaries and leaders from all over the world such as Southeast Asia, Europe and America . The reason believers are willing to travel from faraway places to attend the International Conference is because it is truly an important gathering for we who are co-working together for His kingdom. Although we come from different places where everything from culture to lifestyle of people differs, yet our mission is ultimately the same because we serve the same God. It is also said in the word of God.

“I appeal to you, brothers, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that all of you agree with one another so that there may be no divisions among you and that you may be perfectly united in mind and thought.” ( 1 Corinthians 1:10)

International Conferences are held in the purpose that we as co-workers can come before God together to worship and have fellowship with Him. It is our spiritual encounter with Father God. During the conference, representative(s) from each country would also present mission reports on their respective countries. Presentation content typically includes mission history, mission progress and mission goals in their particular country.

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