YD Korea, Bible Study Runs Every Day

Bible-studies are held every day at Young Disciples (YD) Korea centers. In the midst of the pandemics, many people are coming to YD centers to listen to God’s Word and pray.

Although classes and exams have been held online for many students, a brother has been steadily coming to one of YD centers despite a 4-hour, round-trip commute. 

“I was having a lot of thoughts and questions, but I am getting answers through Romans. The love for us and God’s justice revealed through the cross of Jesus are amazing and thrilling,” he said. “After studying the Bible about sin, hearing this message about the world of love makes me feel more about how big and deep love it is. I will meditate on how I gained life and do not live recklessly.” 

A sister shared,  “I am so happy these days. When my friend went to study in Switzerland to study the Bible a year ago, I was very envious and prayed that I would like to do it too. Thank you the Lord for guiding me to study the Bible like this. Thank you for knowing the way through Romans and other Words.” 

Another Bible-study student, who was invited during street evangelism, is learning the Bible daily both online and offline. 

“When I study the Bible, everything seems to be in order. I was confused and anxious, but peace and hope arose,” he said, giving thanks to God for leading him to hear the Word after each Bible study.

These three students will be also attending the Christmas retreat and are preparing with prayers for God’s guidance in their lives.

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