When the Dream Is Fading, let the Vision Reignite You

Turn away my eyes from looking at vanity and revive me in Your ways. Psalm 119:37

In the in between of our lives, a fire ignites us to dream and aspire with so much courage and hope, however, there come a time when dreams fade, when fire is out as we become consumed with fear, discouragements, and uncertainties. In today’s daily bread, we relate to the Psalmist’s cry of revival and turning our eyes from looking at vanity, in other words, when we lose sight of the vision of God because the center turns into ourselves, which gives us limitation, where dreams are bounded by human capabilities, in contrary to fixing our eyes on the Lord that enable us to believe in the impossible and trust in the mighty and miraculous work of God.

Today, if you’re in the middle of confusion, in a point where you feel like you’re not heading into a destination, allow the Lord to revive you, look again into the heart of God, and His vision to you and desires for you, which is for the His own glory. Let not our human limitations dictate our dream, nor make ourselves as an inspiration but let the vision of God guide you and ignite you to continue the dream and dream even more. Remember, the Lord works beyond what we know, go take the step again, dream once more and let the dreams re-align to God’s dreams for you.

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