The Mouth is for Praising and Blessing – James 3:10

“Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.” – James 3:10

It is true that we have not resisted temptation to the point of shedding our own blood. We have not come to the point of holding ourselves from doing sin to the highest point because we are lazy and we easily give up. Instead of resisting, if one try was not enough to resist, then we succumb. Take note that we are not only talking about sins of the flesh like sexual immorality, theft or murder but we are also talking about how our mouth can be so filthy. 

In our verse today, we are reminded by James that our mouths can be utterly wicked and filthy. We can praise and glorify God with it but we can also utter curses to the people God made in His own likeness. James addressed it to his brothers and sisters which just shows that this reminder is not only for the unbelievers but also for us, Christians. Most of the time we spend our time saying bad words about our peers, gossiping, cursing and we cannot even control it. 

Thus, doing all of these things are not pleasant in the eyes of God. We must remember that what comes out of our mouth is the reflection of what is inside of us. If we curse and gossip, this just means that what we have inside our hearts is a corrupted attitude. An attitude that is not of God but of evil. We are Christians and we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ, and we must remember that through that salvation we have also been transformed from darkness to light. Therefore, what comes out from our mouth should be of the light, it should be praises and glory to God, not curses. 

We must remember that darkness and light can never be united. Darkness will not over power light but darkness will remain in us if we continue to live our lives dwelling in the sinfulness of this world. So, out of our mouth can be praises and curses but God has given us the power to control it. However, we must also remember that we can never control it on our own. By our own strength and will, we will always fail. We need God to help us and we need His power to control it. 

We need Jesus Christ’s grace and love to overrule our lives so that we will not be tempted to curse the creation of God but only to bless it. Let us always remember that God’s salvation, grace, love and mercy will manifest in our lives once we truly understand and believe in it. So, it will also manifest in whatever that comes out from our mouths. We must remember to use this amazing part of our body to bring glory and praises to God and to bless other people. Let us use our mouth to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ instead of cursing other people. Again, light has no union with darkness so as praises and cursing should not be in union. 

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