God is Good, All the Time! – Psalm 86:5

This Psalm is entitled as the prayer of David. We can also see to the whole chapter that David was in great need of mercy and favor. He declared that God is good and He is ready to forgive. Well now, most of the time, like David we always declare that God is good. In fact, we really like the phrase: “God is good, all the time and all the time, God is good!”

However, declaring that God is good doesn’t make God good because He is existentially good and He doesn’t need us to declare He is good to become good. God is independently good— He is good to us; He is good to His enemies; He is good to every living thing in this sinful world for every good and perfect gift comes from Him. God is good because He sent His Son to save us from our sins. Yet, we must always declare that He is good because as Christians, it is the manifestation of all the great things He has done for us. 

As the verse continues, David declared that God is ready to forgive. Thus, this is the reason why we declare that God is good because He is always ready to forgive us from our sins. The overflowing forgiveness was made possible through Jesus Christ who is the living manifestation of God’s greatness and goodness. 

God’s mercy is so abundant to those who call Him through Jesus Christ. Again, God is good and that He is ready to forgive our sins. We are like David, we have always that prayer where we beg God for mercy and forgiveness, but as we pray, we must always remember God’s promise that He is always ready to forgive. We have to believe that God is capable of forgiveness and that His mercy is abundant to those who call on Him. 

It is not about us who is praying but it is about who we are praying to. No matter how sinful we are and we feel like we don’t deserve any pardon from Him, always remember that it is not because we are also capable of remorse or that we are asking for forgiveness, but is because He is a good God and that He is always ready to forgive. Again, it’s not because we are praying but because of Who we are praying to. 

So now, let us always remember that no matter how undeserving and unworthy we are, we are all forgiven not because of all the good things we have done but because God is ready to forgive, He is good and His mercy is abundant to the people who call on Him through Jesus Christ. 

Jesus Christ is the greatest proof that He is good. Jesus died for our sins so that we may live forever. Again, Jesus did not die and saved us from our sins because of the good things we have done but because of His love, He is good, He is ready to forgive, His mercy is abundant and He is a gracious God. He loved the world so much that He is always ready to forgive us to the point of shedding His blood. 

Even if God doesn’t need our declaration to become good, we are still to declare that He is good for love endures forever. We are still to acknowledge Him for it is our manifestation of true worship and we must live our lives worthy of the forgiveness Jesus made possible. 

God is good, all the time!; All the time, God is good!

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