About YD


How we began…

Young Disciples first began in 1996, when a group of students at Fudan University in Shanghai, China gathered together to listen to a Bible study led by a pair of evangelical missionaries. Through continued Bible study and prayer, a vision was planted and began to grow in their hearts—to change and build China into a great nation through the power of the gospel, and to make an impact in the world as witnesses for Jesus Christ.

Quickly, the word of God was preached throughout the campus, igniting the hearts of students in Fudan University and other universities in Shanghai. Ministers continued to reach out to China’s youth and many—hearing the gospel for the first time—found new life in Jesus Christ. Moved to offer their lives for God’s service, many continued to witness in other cities and universities across China.

By 2001, seeing the fruit of their work, YD’s representatives and students from Peking University gathered in Beijing, seeking to expand the ministry’s vision and work. It was there that members established Young Disciples of Jesus International and offered a dedication service, committing YDI to God for His use.

Where we are now…

Since it began as a small group of believers in China, God has used YDI ministers to help lead many to come to know the Lord and others sharing the same vision have joined in this work. To date, YDI has dispatched missionaries to countries all over the world.

Please come and join us in worship and prayer at one of our local chapters near you!

To Know Christ, and To Make Him Known