Young Disciples HQ Advances into New Chapter after Receiving Fire Sprinkler Permit after State Fire Dept

Young Disciples Headquarters had a final inspection of its newly retrofitted fire sprinkler system from the Colorado State fire inspector on May 17th. It also had an inspection by the city’s chief building officer and fire marshal for the dormitory use permit. Moreover, it also passed an health inspection.

During the inspection, the state fire inspector examined every corner of the 134,000 square feet building. He said the project was done with great care and precision, complied with all the rules and codes. The inspector had the contractors conduct a test of all the tamper and switches and the alarm systems. 

The inspection took around three hours, and the state fire inspector issued the fire sprinkler permit with contingencies for revisions. The fire sprinkler system has officially gone online and relays all fire emergencies to the fire department.

Young Disciples HQ staff are grateful to God for allowing this project to reach this major milestone. With the fire sprinkler system installed, YD hopes to hold many national and international retreats for training and raising up new generations of evangelical leaders for advancing God’s kingdom.

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