Young Disciples Chapters Around the World Celebrated Easter

On Easter Sunday, Young Disciples chapters around the world celebrated Easter to commemorate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Easter is a time to reflect on the resurrection of Jesus with our faith. Especially as COVID-19 has turned our world upside-down, causing many to question where God is in this mess. It is important to apply the joyful message of Easter into our lives at this time.

The resurrection of Jesus is very important. Christian faith is closely related to the resurrection of Jesus, as He overpowered sin through His cross and conquered death through His resurrection, thus providing believers with the hope of heaven.

Jesus is our greatest hope. COVID-19 is reminding us that our hope is not in money, fame, wealth or other things outside of Christ. Our hope is in the crucified Jesus and an empty tomb.

May we experience a deeper and wider world of grace this year and that Jesus’s life will be revealed in us.

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