Young Disciples

Young Disciples Bible Study Program


Core Bible Study Program

You’ll learn the essential topics of the Bible and the book of Romans 1 to 8. Through this program, you will be able to gain a basic understanding of the subject of the Bible, gain confidence in salvation and enjoy the joy of salvation


In-Depth Bible Study Program

You will learn Romans 9 to 16, Genesis, the Way of the Cross of Jesus (focused on the Gospel of John), Acts 1-2, etc. You will have a balanced and in-depth Bible study about the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, and you will have time to think deeply about how you should live as a Christian.

Young Disciples Training Program


Leadership Training Program

After completing the Core and In-depth Bible Study Program, those who wish to grow as leaders of YD small groups can apply for this Leadership Training Program. You will study Galatians, Sermon on the Mount, Exodus, Discipleship, 1 and 2 timothy, Titus, Philemon, etc. In addition, you will learn how to lead a Bible study group.


Missionary Training Program

After completing the Leadership Training Program, those who want to share YD’s vision and become missionaries can apply for the Missionary Training Program. YD will provide primary theological education linked to the seminary and get an internship opportunity to experience the mission field firsthand.

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