YD South America’s Outreach in San Cristóbal Norte

YD South America organized an afternoon of recreation and evangelism in the San Cristóbal Norte locality of Bogotá. Fellowship leader Osnaldo Linares, along with Pastor Cristofer Malpica, conducted an evangelism and recreation session, reaching out to the youth in the area and sharing the message of salvation. After the activity, they engaged in a sports meeting with local youth, including those from a church named Oasis de Bendición, where they connected with the youth leader Darianis Gameros. Through sports, they effectively carried out mass evangelism.

Above all, clothe yourselves with love, which binds us all together in perfect harmony. (Colossians 3:14) This verse, which the youth shared and explained, emphasized how Jesus’s love transcends all barriers and is ever-present to embrace us in our best and worst moments. This message resonated with many young people, helping them understand the importance of not getting blinded by worldly concerns and focusing on Jesus.

They concluded the afternoon with a prayer for those present, inviting them to participate in Bible studies. Several young people expressed interest in learning more about the fellowship and how these spiritually enriching activities could continue. It was a time where more than just physical refreshment was provided; spiritual nourishment was also offered.

Let us pray that more young people draw near to God, that the fellowship may extend its reach, and that the members can serve as instruments in the hands of the Great Potter.

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