YD Europe Weekly Bible Study Welcomes Eight Bible Students from Seven Countries

YD Europe hosted weekly Bible study welcoming eight students from the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, the Czech Republic, Portugal, and France. Pastor Edward Shih shared passages from Matthew 11: 28-29 and Romans 1, addressing the inner struggles related to various sins, particularly concerning judgment, condemnation, anxiety, etc. He emphasized the need to turn to Jesus for the good news of salvation, finding true rest for the soul. Pastor Shih highlighted the pitfalls of a godless life, contrasting it with the beautiful relationship of love and faith between humans and God in the kingdom of heaven-a world characterized by mutual commitment and the shared joy of love. He encouraged them to recognize human ungodliness and unrighteousness, finding genuine rest in the Lord through faith.

After the Bible study, a student from the Czech Republic shared, “God gives me the best, and I respond to God’s best.” A student from Italy shared, “I grew up in the church, experiencing different stages in my life. I realize the importance of finding God’s way more than seeking my own path. The relationship with God is very significant.” One student from the UK shared that he is currently facing struggles in his life and emphasized the need to rely on God to overcome temptations.

May God continue to guide their heart and revive their lives with His spirit.

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