YD Colombia’s Collaborative Outreach

The young leaders of YD Colombia participated in the youth activity of the Oasis De Bendición Church, North Headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia. They held a meeting with the church’s youth leader, establishing collaborative partnerships for in-person evangelism. The focus was on implementing strategic methods and care initiatives for the development of planned activities.

They deeply believe that more young people will be reached through in-person evangelism. The aim is to showcase God’s goodness and love to those willing to embrace the Gospel of God, manifesting kindness and love towards others, strengthened by the faith in Jesus Christ and guided by His will.

The leaders are also studying the evangelistic field for the implementation of methods and strategies conducive to in-person and mass evangelism in 2024. The objective is mutual strengthening and impactful outreach to the community through theater, flyers, and posters explaining the profound purpose of life in God.

They pray for God to guide their steps and direct the new working methodology, where more young people can come to know Him and be filled with the Holy Spirit.

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