World Ruled by Sin – 1 John 4:14

“And we have seen and testify that the Father has sent his Son to be the Savior of the world.” – 1 John 4:14

John the beloved has always been writing about love. He has always pointed out how to love one another and he was also one of the writers of the Bible who specialize in the topic of love. This is not merely love, like the love we feel for our partners but this love is bound with God and how much He loved the world. John is one of the apostles who testify and saw first-hand the love of God for the world. 

Our verse yesterday talks about Christ coming to the world to save sinners, now our verse today talks about the Father sending His Son to save the world. When we observe, we can see that the word “world” and “sin” are interchangeable. God used these terms and treated these terms of the same value. Which means that everything in the world is sinful. For the world can be equated with sin and sin can be equated with the world. 

Therefore, there is no one in the world righteous because just like in the story of Abraham when he pleaded for Sodom and Gomorrah, if God would see even one righteous in there, He would’ve spared it but He did not. So as the world, there is no one righteous and not even one, so God called the world sinful and it is indeed sinful. As we reflect on today’s verse, though God knows that the world is sinful, He still remained faithful. 

John testifies that God is indeed loving for He sent His Son to save the world. If God did not love us, He would let us suffer in hell. If God is not gracious and merciful by existence, we would’ve still be under the bondage of sin and death. Praise God for He really loves us and His love is true and unconditional. He moved heaven and the earth just to save us and even if He has to die on the cross, He still did it for us. 

If we assess ourselves deeper, there is no doubt that we don’t deserve His salvation. We really don’t deserve it, even just a smaller percent, there is no possibility that we deserve it. In fact, we don’t have any contribution to our salvation, it was all the power, the grace, the mercy, the doing, the suffering, the sacrifice and the love of Christ. We are at the mercy of God. We are only depending on His grace and love and without it, we would be experiencing the Father’s wrath because of all the sins and defilement we made. 

Therefore, let us always put in our mind how blessed we are already. Even if we would not have great success here in the world, or we are suffering in the world, let us still continue rejoicing in our suffering for we are saved without doing anything. We should always remember to thank God for this gift and in this season of Advent, let us always remember that it was the Son who was the Father’s gift to the world. Christ is God’s full definition of love towards mankind and we could never ask for more for in Christ we have everything. 

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