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Walking in Obedience and in the Light of God – 1 John 1:6

“If we claim to have fellowship with him and yet walk in the darkness, we lie and do not live out the truth.” – 1 John 1:6

The Bible teaches us so many things in such a way that it is so repetitive and it always points out to one main lesson: Jesus Christ is our Savior, only through Him can we be saved and by faith we will become changed people living in fellowship with God. So, with this main theme of the Bible, as Christians, we most of the time gain the pride of, “I already know about this, what’s new?”. Now, why do we have this kind of attitude? Why do we initially act like this? Well, it is because either we have not truly understood what God wants us to do or that we already know and we don’t want to follow it. 

Now, there are many instances that we claim verbally that we are of God and that we are walking with Him but our lifestyle says differently. It is very easy for us to act that we are following God but we are really not. Thus, ‘tis the reason why we hate being reminded repeatedly. So, our verse today is our reminder again that if we claim to have fellowship with Christ but are still walking in darkness, we are lying and we do not live the truth. With this reminder, our main human reaction would be that, “I know right,” in which we claim that we already know about this. 

However, we are looking at it the wrong way. We thought that already knowing what the Bible is telling us and practically dismissing it because we already know and it’s just a repetitive message manifests what we really feel in our hearts. True Christians, and Christians who truly understand that salvation of Christ does not hate corrections, but loves corrections. Thus, if we are reminded that if we claim to be having fellowship with Christ but do not walk in the light then we are lying, then instead of dismissing the idea, our initial reaction as Christians should be to assess ourselves. 

Therefore, as Christians, we always have to remember that we are already saved by grace. Jesus Christ suffered and died for our sake because He loves us and by faith in Him, we are saved and redeemed. Now that we are saved, He has given us a new life and a new beginning. We are no longer slaves of sin and death but we are now victors. As saved people, we have the power to say no to sin and to continue to live in the presence of God. Indeed that we are now put into fellowship with God and we are now imputed with the righteousness of Christ. However, our old self will always try to crawl its way back to us and if we let our old self take over us again, our fellowship with God will be broken.

Thus, this is the reason why the message of the Bible is always repeating to remind us that if we claim to have fellowship with God, then we must also walk in light and obedience. We cannot just claim that we have fellowship with Him but still walk in disobedience. Let us always remember that indeed we are saved by grace through faith and this saving faith will manifest good works. Although we are not saved through our good works, having the saving faith of Christ will drive us to do good and to walk in obedience to Christ. Therefore, we must always put in our minds that we are saved and having this salvation means that we are ought to walk in obedience, in the light of God. Otherwise, we are liars and hypocrites.

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