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Waiting on God’s Promises – Jeremiah 29:11

The whole chapter of Jeremiah 29 talks about God’s people being exiled into Babylon for some reasons. This verse was basically a promise of God to His people that He will fulfill after their seventy years of exile through the letter of the prophet Jeremiah. 

This verse will remind us how good and faithful God is and at the same time how sovereign He is. This verse is all about being in the season of waiting as we hold on to His promise. God’s people were also waiting for the seventy years of exile because as what God promised, He has greater plans for them. 

This is also the same to us, God wants us to value this season— the season of waiting. He wants us to remain in Him as we wait on His plans for our lives. Indeed, He promised to prosper us, to give us a future and not to harm us but we should also then remain steadfast in Him as we wait for Him. 

Most of the time, we tend to wander as we wait. We want to try everything as we wait and we fail to realize that we are already straying away from His glory if we play around while we wait. Instead, as we claim this promise, we must also stay faithful, stand firm, remain steadfast in Him. We must not just solely claim this promise but it should also reflect in our lives that we are waiting for the fulfillment of the promise of our living God. 

Living against His teachings will not invalidate His grace for His grace is sufficient and His promise lasts longer than we anticipated, but it will cause our sinful nature to wander away from Him and to depend on the world instead of Him. 

So as Christians, may we not only hold on to this promise but at the same time value the time God has given us— honoring Him in our season of waiting. As His people waited for seventy years for the fulfillment, we must also wait and hold on to this promise that one day He will fulfill this and we will see that everything that has happened to us was turned into a lifetime grace by our Savior. 

Amazingly, this verse is a very well-known verse and very iconic, for this also shows how powerful and loving our God is. He has better plans for all of us, one by one! Indeed! For as He said that He has formed us in our mother’s womb so our lives and stories are already written in His hands, so we only need to trust Him. 

Again, let us always remember that as this promise stands for a long time, our living God will one day fulfill this one by one. Jesus Christ coming to the world is the biggest and wonderfulest way of declaring His love for us. So as we wait on the Lord, we must stay steadfast in Him through our Lord Jesus Christ. We must wait for His timing because it is the best. 

The fulfillment of this verse will someday be manifested in our lives through the blood of Jesus Christ who made us clean and new creation. Let us remember to wait on Him and be happy in our season of waiting and do what God has commanded us to do: To believe in the One whom He has sent.

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