Daily Bread

Thy Word – Psalm 119:105

For a known reason, we know Christians, that our enemy has always been doing his best to destroy our fellowship with the Lord. For the past years, we have been put into a situation where we are rock back and forth, into a good or bad situation and we know that through our own strength we cannot fight.

But God promised us in Psalm 119:105 that we will have our guide which is the Word of God. We all know that deep inside us, there are many elements lurking that can cause us to walk away from our Savior. 

However, because of God’s great love, He provided us a sure foundation where we can stand in this unsure world. He knows that we will undergo such discrepancies and that with our own strength, we will never win a fight against the enemy. 

So during our walk into this dark tunnel, God’s Word will be our lamp. It will be our guiding light so we can find our path and we can reach our goal which is being with Him in heaven. The Scripture is an inextinguishable lamp, it will never lose its light and it will always help us to stay on the right path. 

God’s love is embedded into these Words and it is the recorded love letters containing how much God loves us. When Jesus came to the world and died on the cross for us, He did not only save us from our sins, He also promised to be with us forever and that promise is still available now through His Word. 

So, whenever we feel lost and we think that we cannot see any light in this dark tunnel, we should always remember to read God’s Word for it is God’s promise made manifest. May we always remember that through Him, only through Him we can find the light we are looking for. In order to find Jesus, we must seek Him in His Word and through that, it will become the lamp in our lives that will just keep on shining and guiding us. 

May we never forget to thank the Lord for His wonderful promise and intervention. May we always remember that this is our only guide and the only inextinguishable light in this world.

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