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The Word of the Lord Endures Forever – Matthew 24:35

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.” – Matthew 24:35

The most permanent thing our minds can fathom is the earth we are living in and the heaven we hear almost every time in our lifetime. It’s something unchangeable, untouchable, and unending. When we think about the earth, it is already there the moment we were born and will definitely remain existing even after we die. On the other hand, we have heard a lot about heaven. It is already part of our existing knowledge that heaven exists and it is eternally there. Just like the earth, it already existed even before we were born and even after we die.

Now, given this knowledge we have right now, we already know about the existence of permanent things. In our verse today, Jesus tells His disciples that heaven and earth may pass away, but His Words will never pass away. Meaning, Jesus is really telling us all that even if the concept or the definition of permanent to us may pass, His Word will remain. Although we know that heaven and earth are both permanent in our own understanding, now we know that there is something more permanent than that and that is the Word of the Lord. 

The Word of the Lord is not something that expires. Through this reminder of Christ, we can then realize that His Words will stand, endure and stay. It is not affected by time and neither does this expire. We should not say that God said those words ten thousand years ago, so it’s effective right now. Yet, we must really remember that the Word of God is eternal, enduring, and without limit. It doesn’t mean that it was made or said many years ago, it’s not true anymore. The truth is that His Words are even older than this world. We must remember that Jesus Christ is God’s Word incarnate. 

John specifically pointed out in his book that even in the beginning was the Word, and that the Word was with God, and the Word was God (John 1:1). Thus, this shows that the Word has always been present since the creation of the world. Now, we have the Word in a different view which is Jesus Christ. Indeed, that His Word will stand, thus He will stand. He is eternal, He is enduring, and He is limitless. Christ is much more permanent than the earth and the heavens. In Christ, everything is permanent, enduring, and eternal.

Therefore, we must realize that the Word of God is not limited by time or restricted by time. Just as how our salvation is still so active, possible, and available for us to accept through Jesus Christ our Lord. Even if Christ died many years ago for our sake, it remains available for us even today. Therefore, God is not limited to time or not affected by time because He is eternal, enduring, able, and limitless. Thus, this just proves also that Christ is indeed God and whatever He says comes from the Father. He is not just a prophet, but He is the Son of God. He was there when the world was created, He was there when humans let sin enter the world. Indeed, that His world will remain steadfast, eternal, and enduring. Many will try to thwart it, but it will remain true and standing. His Word will indeed stand. Praise His holy name forever and ever. Amen.

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