The Word of God – Hebrews 4:12

Cooking is one of the essential things we do in life. So, if we know how to cook then we also know how to slice and cut bones. We know how to separate the meat from the bones and we know how to do all the procedures properly. 

Now, our Christian life is also like cooking. However, we are the ones who are cooked and God is the one cooking. Our lives before we knew Christ was surely full of sin and we delight in sin, even now. It is not new news for us because we know personally what we desire, what we want, what our motives are and what we did. 

In fact, we are human beings, therefore we delight in sin. However, this trait is very opposite to our God’s attribute. For how many days, we have been reflecting about God’s attribute of hating sin and we won’t stop to reflect on that because we have to be reminded always that the God we serve hates sin. 

So now, our verse talks about the Word of God being a double-edged sword, but what does it means? It means that just like cooking, as we use knives to separate meat from bones, the Word of God is like that also. It can penetrate and separate all our evil and good motives, it can penetrate even our hardest and darkest hearts. 

People will sometimes ask if reading the Bible can help them change, so now, this is the answer: Yes, it can! Because it can penetrate our body, soul and spirit. It can divide everything inside us and separate everything we evilly harbor and everything good we did. The Word of God does not only stand as a guide but it is what we need! 

When we feel like we are also hard as a shell and that we are unbreakable, read the Bible because it will be able to break through our hardest wall. This is why there is no impossible with God. In the book of Isaiah, it mentioned there that the Word of God will not go back empty and that it will fulfill its purpose. 

Therefore, the Word of God will slowly work inside us and will slowly change us as we meditate on it day and night. God will not command us to meditate on it day and night if we won’t get anything from it. God knows that through this, we will get our strength, our confidence, our faith, our love and everything because it is the written love letters of God. 

Also, the Word of God is Jesus Christ manifested. Faith comes from hearing and hearing the Word of God and that Word is Jesus Christ. As mentioned, it will penetrate our body, soul and spirit because it is Jesus Christ. In John 1:1 said, the Word became flesh, because from the creation, it was Jesus. Jesus is the Word of God made manifest and made into man to save us. 

The Word of the Lord is a double-edged sword because it is Jesus Christ. Jesus offered us salvation, cutting all the ties of death and sin from our lives. It was Jesus who also gave us eternal life. Jesus separated us from our sins and gave us a new beginning in Him. He was there since the creation of the world and until now He is here. 

The Word of the Lord is alive and active. It is not merely just words in there but it is alive since again it is Jesus and it is active because it can change us. It can change us, who were once from darkness to light. It can open our hard hearts and allow us to accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 

So now, may we always remember to stop delighting in sin and start delighting in God’s Word. May we always be reminded that the Word of the Lord endures forever and that we have to meditate on it day and night so it will penetrate us, help us to separate all the evil things we desire and help us to focus more on Jesus. 

Let us remain steadfast in His Word. Let us let God cook us, separate our motives. Let Him help us ponder our intentions and that we may be able to grow in His knowledge and love. It will be able to conquer our deepest evil desires and make it a new desire that only thrives for righteousness. We must meditate on His Word and let it work in our lives and then we will see the Lord’s goodness in our lives and we will be reminded how He came to this world to save us all.

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