The Wages of Sin – Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, definitely we will die and suffer eternal agony. Given from all of the sins we have done, from every sin we have committed, we are surely deserving of God’s wrath. It is just rightful for us to be sentenced to death because we have distorted God’s creation in the worst way possible. 

The payment for all our cruel behavior is death. We may have enjoyed all the good things this world can offer, we may have given up and completely followed this world and got happy because we have everything in the world but what can we get after? It is important for us to remember that we will all die and it is also important for us to know what will happen when we die. So what will happen? 

Obviously, we will be suffering eternal agony in hell. We will be put into the unquenchable fire and will forever taste the wages of sin. Again, the wages of sin is death but it is an unending death. You got to feel death over and over again and without ending. However, it is very important for us to continue to read the whole verse. 

Basically, if you read the first part only, it is surely scary! Imagine that we have to die over and over again and there is nothing that can save us from it. But as you continue to read the whole verse, you will see God’s deliverance and promise to us. This verse surely shows how much God loves us so much and how much He is willing to do for us. 

The gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Instead of suffering the unending death in hell, God offers us a better deal. He offers eternal life in which we cannot buy, earn or do anything to have it. It is merely a gift from Him, a gift we never deserve. However, it does not end just like that. God says that this gift can only be found in Jesus Christ. This underserved gift can only be accepted through Jesus Christ. 

Therefore, God does not want us to suffer this death that was caused by our sins because He loves us so much. He doesn’t want us to rot in hell and suffer eternal condemnation because we are special to Him. So, He has given us this gift that we can never refuse, He gave us a chance to escape this inevitable death. He has given us our scapegoat and that is our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

God personally came to the world, conquered the world and made our salvation possible through His death. Again, the wages of sin is death and Jesus has paid this debt through His death but death was not able to hold Him because He has defeated it by rising up again after three days. We too, will be like Jesus. Death could not hold us anymore but instead, we will rise again and be united with Him in heaven, enjoying our eternal life. 

Yet, this privilege can never be bought nor earned by our good deeds. It is only through believing and having faith in Jesus Christ we can have it. A gift should be accepted and be taken care of, thus we must also accept Jesus Christ for He is the gift, He is the eternal life and takes care of the relationship we have in Him. We must let Him take over our life and be a new creation in Him so that we will defeat sin and death. 

May we always remember to accept the gift of salvation from God which is Christ Jesus. May we be grateful that God has taken all these measures just to save us from death and sin. Let us always remember that this salvation, this eternal life can never be bought or earned by our good deeds but we only have to accept and believe in Him. Indeed, it is through faith, through grace, through the Word of God, through Jesus Christ that we can only be saved.

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