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The Truth is the Son – John 8:32

“Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” – John 8:32

What is really the truth? Is it the truth about how the world started? Or the truth about this pandemic? Or the truth about how the man was made? Or is it the truth about something science cannot explain? What is really the truth?

It has been a very big mystery to us about the truth that has always been repeated in the Bible. Most of the time we misinterpret this truth as something we can gain through our knowledge and wisdom that we fail to understand that God has already revealed it to us. In this passage, Jesus has revealed to us three promises. 

If we hold on to His teachings, first we will become His disciples, but what is a disciples? A disciple is a learner; the one who learns from a teacher. If this is only the meaning of a disciple, it just technically means that we are all disciples. However, a true disciple is a learner who learns from a teacher and becomes like the teacher in thought and in actions. Therefore, Jesus promised us that we will become His true disciples if we hold on to His teachings. Meaning, as we hold on to His teachings, we will become like Him in thoughts and in actions. We are expected to live our lives aligned in Him and abiding with Him. We should imitate Him and walk our Christian life in sync to His footsteps. 

Second, He promised that we will know the truth. These promises are not just promises but are steps on how to obtain our freedom. So, the next promise is like the next step which Jesus said that we will know the truth. This is now where we can insert our question above. What is really the truth? Well, Jesus already answered this question. The truth He is referring to is Him. He is the truth. As the passage continues, we can see that He substituted the word “truth” by “Son” which really tells us that He is referring to Him. As we become true disciples of Him, we will then know the truth and that truth is Him. We will know that it is Him who is the answer of every question we have. The truth is that it is Jesus who is the answer and the sacrificial lamb that was promised to our ancestors. 

Third, the last promise Jesus pointed out in this passage is that as we know the truth now, we will then be set free for the truth will set us free. How come a truth can set us free? By knowing that the truth is Jesus Christ. This is not freedom from problems, or freedom from poverty or any other freedom, but it is the freedom from sin and death. There is far more dangerous slavery that exist in this world which is the slavery of sin. Therefore, this is the promise that Jesus fulfilled for us. It is the promise that we can be free from the dominion of sin and death. However, this can only be avail and found in Him. 

So, as we reflect on this promise, we can really say that Jesus Christ is the best gift God can ever give us. He is the truth and the only way to our freedom and salvation from sin. To answer our questions above, the truth that is keeping us confused is the truth that Jesus Christ is the only way and the life. This truth can never be taken away from us for it is the power of God that made manifest to our lives through the saving grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

Therefore, as Christians, we must always remember that the truth can set us free, and this truth is not the truth that is the absence of lies, but this truth is Jesus Christ. Indeed, Jesus Christ is our only way, our only truth, and our only life (John 14:6). Again, this freedom can only be found in Him. This freedom is our salvation and our eternal life that can only be found in Jesus Christ, our truth. We must hold on to His teachings and become true disciples that live our lives Christ-like. Let us all remember that indeed the truth will set us free and that truth is Jesus Christ who died on the cross and rose again on the third day.

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