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The Tree Can Be Known By Its Fruit

A good person also has a good heart and it will produce good words and deeds. It is already a common knowledge that whenever a man has good intent, it will always produce good results but when a man has an ill intent, it will only produce bad things. 

Whenever we speak badly and cause someone’s name to be dirty, it is just like a reflection of what truly is inside our hearts. Proverbs 4:23 says, everything flows from our hearts, so when we speak ill of someone, it is mirrored from our hearts. It is better to take away our capability to speak than to speak ill against our neighbors. We should always watch out for everything that comes out from our mouth. 

For the tree can be known by its fruit, same as that we can also be known through our actions and through the things we speak. We must not forget that we are a new creation and that Jesus died for us, so we must be a good witness of the Gospel. We should always remember that we are a living testimony of Jesus’ power. 

Let us use our lives; our actions and words through uplifting our brothers and sisters. Let us use these to proclaim the Gospel and to tell everyone how Jesus died for us, instead of breeding ill intent to our neighbors. Again, the tree can be known through its fruit so therefore let us live, speak and act holy for we are made holy by our God. Let us set a good example to the people watching us and let us always remember that being a new creation will automatically manifest in our daily lifestyle. 

Stop speaking ill against your friends and enemies but instead, start spreading the love of Jesus Christ! The tree can be known by its fruit, so may the people around us see us as fruits of the living God in Christ Jesus. 

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