The One Who was Sent – John 6:29

Working is a very hard concept. Sometimes we think of it as another burden or something that we needed to be compensated for. So when the crowd asked Jesus about what they should do to do the work God required, Jesus answered straightly that they should believe in Him. 

As people who heard what Jesus said, isn’t it quite simple but complicated at the same time? We have always desired to be faithful and good servants of God. We always want to do everything that can glorify Him. We want to serve Him truthfully and to become people who are worthy of the calling (though God did not call the qualified but qualify the called).

The paradox behind believing in Jesus is that as people who have not yet come into full understanding, we knowledgeably know that Jesus came to the world and to save the world from their sins. However, as believers of Christ, we have to continue to believe in Christ and we are to have and keep the faith in Him. 

Just like how Jesus straight-to-the-pointedly said, we are to believe in Him because He is the one God had sent to this world to fulfill the prophecy. As Christians, we are to trust and believe in the Word of God for it is Jesus made manifest. 

As people that were born again, we have Christ in us and we ought to live our life as Christ-like so the work of God will be made accomplished in our new life through the power of the Holy Spirit as what Jesus promised us. We can never completely live and believe in Jesus if we continue living our old life. 

So, as we desire to become a good and faithful servant of the Lord and as we desire to do His works, we must CONTINUE to believe in Jesus and we must not stop seeking Him through the Word so the work of God will be accomplished. 

We must not only believe in Him in one swift moment but we are ought to believe, have faith and continue to serve Him through this. We must always remember that when we do the work of God, it is not for the reason that we will get the praise but for God to be praised. 

Let us all remember that in order to do the works of God, we must believe in Jesus and have in faith in Him that He rose from the dead and defeated death for us. In doing so, we will be able to fulfill the works of God because it will manifest in our lives for we will be so grateful and spread the goodness of God. As we believe and have faith in Jesus’ resurrection, we too will be resurrected and be saved through Him.

May we fulfill God’s work through our Lord Jesus Christ with the help of the Holy Spirit. Amen!

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