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The More We Think We Are Standing Firm, The More We Are Weak

We are always at risk of falling. We, Christians, are always at risk of falling away from our Savior since this world has turned our surroundings as our constant temptation. Paul reminded us in his letter to the Corinth about our Israelites ancestors who complained, worshiped idols and had immoral relationships and God grew unhappy about them. 

We always have that risk of doing the same thing as they are and make God unhappy because again, He is a holy God. So let us all be reminded that even if we think that we are standing firm, we should always be careful that we do not fall. It just takes one fall and we are back into our sinful cycle. 

Again, God is a good and loving God. He promised that when we are tempted He will give us a way out for us to endure it. So whenever we try to sin again, always find that way out God has provided you so you can endure it. Also remember that it is not an exit way, but it is a way out for you to ENDURE! You have to endure and constantly say ‘no’ without giving because God will give you the strength to do that. 

Just like the message of cross, when God sees that we are already so buried with sin, He sent His Son to redeem us. Jesus Christ is like our way out, but also we have to believe in Him because only through Him we are saved. 

Jesus left the comforts of heaven to become our Savior and not only our Savior but also our Lord and God. He wants us to say ‘no’ to everything that can harm us physically and spiritually. He has bought us at a high price and so when we think that we are standing firm, this is the best time to run back to God and ask for His strength because most of the time, the more we think we are standing firm, the more we are weak. 

Let us not rely on our own strength but rely on God, submit everything to Him so we will not fall and do the things our ancestors did. Let us find that way out so we will be able to endure all the temptation.

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