The Love That Jesus Taught Us – 1 John 3:16

“This is how we have come to know love: He laid down his life for us. We should also lay down our lives for our brothers and sisters”

How far can you go for someone?

There are so many aspects of Christ’s character we can learn from the Bible. In this first part of the verse, John sets the tone to define for us what real love is.

When you think about what love is, it must include some level of sacrifice. If you are going to love someone and demonstrate that love, at some point it will cost you something. The way a mother selflessly shows her love for her child by prioritizing the child’s needs or the way a lover shows his love for his partner by giving time and showing efforts as a manifestation of that love.

Love requires your sacrifice of time, talent, efforts, finances, and possessions. Real sacrifice of love comes when it costs you something that has real value to you.

In Jesus case, he showed his love by laying down his life for us. With that you can agree to it that this is    something of real value and something that is of high price. What made this display of love a true sacrifice is that Jesus died for us when we had nothing to offer him. Your response is that you ought to lay down your lives for others. This doesn’t not necessarily mean you have to die, it meant you ought to give what mattered to you the most, it could be your time, talent, efforts, and even finances.

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