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The Lord is Our Shepherd! – Psalm 23:1

There is one particular movie that ended with the actor who acted as Jesus and said a very nice verse about Jesus being the good shepherd who watches over His sheeps in a sad tone because in the movie, one soul was lost. 

For a Christian, that part can really be a big impact because it shows and depicts that Jesus really cared for every soul on this earth, same as this verse. It is very wonderful that David wrote this Psalm in a very personalised outlook. He was declaring that the Lord is His shepherd and this verse is very widely used as a personal declaration of many Christians too. 

This verse is just so lovely because indeed, the Lord is our shepherd. He is our Shepherd— a good Shepherd who laid down His life for His sheep. When a shepherd is watching over his flock of sheep, he will always look out for them and will do anything not to lose one. So whenever a shepherd loses one, they will really look for it and reach out for it. 

The Bible says that heaven will celebrate if one soul will repent, so God is not resting until He will find us— His lost sheep. Just like how the shepherd looks out for his sheep, so as God will look out for us. Most of the time we are very stubborn and tend to wander on the paths our Shepherd has told us not to and end up getting lost and hurt but God is our Shepherd and His rod will protect and discipline us. 

The Lord is truly indeed our Shepherd for He did not only settle for being our protector but He also gave everything up for us. He moved heaven and earth to come here to the world to save us from our sins. We are all like sheep almost at the mouth of the wolf which is death caused by our ignorance and stubbornness but Jesus also is our Shepherd who jumped out in front of the wolf’s (death’s) mouth to protect and save us. 

May we always declare and hold on to the Lord’s faithfulness and promise that He will save us from anything. Let us always remember that He is our good Shepherd, who is very ready to lay down His life for us. Let us always declare everyday that He is our Shepherd!

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