The Greatest of the Kingdom of Heaven – Matthew 18:3

The disciples asked Jesus about who is the greatest of the kingdom of heaven because they want to know personally which one of them Jesus will choose. They see Jesus as a political Messiah and think that the kingdom of heaven is just like governing or ruling a nation where Jesus will have right hand and left hand. 

Instead, Jesus called a little child to make it as a basis to answer their questions. Jesus answered them that whoever humbles themselves like a child is the greatest of the kingdom of heaven. 

First point is, Jesus’ answer to the disciple must be a very disappointing answer to them. At that time, children are seen as a property instead of an individual. The disciples might have thought that it is sad for the greatest of the kingdom to become like a child since it has no voice, people don’t take them seriously and children cannot rule. 

However, Jesus used this as an example because on the other hand, children as young as they are, do not desire authority, power, are free from malice, very teachable and very dependent on their parents. Jesus wants us to become like children so we will be able to develop and have that attitude as we live our Christian life. Unlike the disciples who see Jesus as the political Messiah, we should be like children who do not desire for authority and power but humbleness. 

We should also be teachable because as a Christian, seeking God is always our delight and duty. We should open our hearts as we let the Holy Spirit minister inside us. Lastly, Jesus wants us to depend on Him at all cost. Just like children who solely depend on their parents, we too, who have a Father in heaven should solely depend on Him. Jesus wants the disciples to understand that being a child might be the least of all in socioeconomic status, but we have to be ready to become the “least of all” to become the “greatest of all”. 

Second point is, Jesus based His answer in this because He wants to stretch out the importance of humbleness. Children are very humble and reciprocative in nature. He wants us to understand that children are also like Him. Jesus humbled himself and dwell among us so He can save us all. Jesus is the greatest of the kingdom of heaven but He humbled himself to serve us. He came to the world to serve and to be served.

So as Christians, we should be like children and Jesus, we should practice humbleness. One of our greatest faults is our pride. As adults, we have pride in our educational attainment, in our work status, how rich we are and etc. but Jesus is asking us to become humble in any way. Just like Him who left the comforts of heavens and humbled Himself, we too will have the strength to humble ourselves and follow His footsteps. Again, we will only become the “greatest of all if we become the “least of all”. 

Therefore, may we always remember that being the greatest of the kingdom of heaven is not measured through our Sunday Worship attendance, or how many ministries we have or how much our tithes are but as Jesus said, we can be the greatest of the kingdom of heaven and enter heaven if we become like children who solely trusts and believes in the Lord Jesus Christ and solely depending on Him. In this way, we will develop a child-like faith where we become so dependent on Jesus and we approach Him with no malice intentions but of pure heart. 

Let us become like children and become the least of all so we will be able to become the greatest of the kingdom of heaven through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior who humbled Himself, dwell among us and died for our stead. Let us develop the habit of dependency to our Savior and always seek Him through His words like a child seeking for his father.

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