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The Example We Need to Follow – 1 Peter 2:21

“To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.” – 1 Peter 2:21

Greatest example of how we should live our lives in this fallen world is to follow Christ’s example. He has lived His life perfect so that we will be able to imitate His life. Just as how Peter explained our explanation in our verse today that Christ has suffered for us so that we will also follow His example. What God wants us to do is not to call us to suffer for just anything, but what God means by this is that a Christian life is not a life full of ease and simplicity. 

However, a Christian life is full of suffering for righteousness. As long as we are living in this fallen world, it will hate us for being associated with righteousness. We are now saved and clothed with the righteousness of Christ and because of that, we will now live a changed life. A changed life means that we are turning our backs to our sinful nature and fully submitting to God’s Will. 

Therefore, we have to understand that this world is fallen and sinful. It will not give us a good time if we are following God’s command for the commands of God are only taboo in this world. This world just normalized sinning and as long as people will always try to reason out that no harm is done physically to the other people, then it is okay even if it is clearly disobeying God’s law. Now, we have to understand that even if this world will always try to normalize things, it is still prohibited in God’s law. 

So, by this truth, we have to always remember that instead of always dwelling in the darkness, we must suffer for the sake of righteousness. We have to always remind ourselves that in order to make ourselves in line, we have to always look at Jesus Christ and follow Him. We have to set Him as an example on how we should live our lives for Christ lived a sinless life. Many things will really try to steer us away from the path that God has prepared for us, but we must remember to just immerse our lives with Christ. 

Furthermore, let us always remember to fight and stand our ground to pursue righteousness. We might be side-tracked to just not follow righteousness so we don’t have to suffer for righteousness, but we have to remember that Christ also suffered for us even if He did not do anything, so as per what Peter instructed, we must use Christ as an example and imitate Him. Whatever the cost, let us joyfully suffer for the sake of righteousness and follow God at all times. Let us imitate Christ and use Him as an example on how to continue to live our lives in this cruel world with His peace that can surpass all understanding.

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