Daily Bread

The Blessing of Honoring our Parents

Honor your father and mother, so that your days may be long in the land that the LORD your God is giving you. Exodus 20:12

In today’s daily bread, we dedicate this to all the mothers around the world as we celebrate a day for them, mothers of different nations, of all colors and from all walks of life. For today’s scripture, we ponder on one of God’s first Ten Commandments, or the holy laws of God that served as the basis of our moral values and distinguished the right and the wrong. One of the God’s commandments is honoring our fathers and our mothers.

The world today is surrounded by popular opinions and human ideologies that some sounded right yet morally inappropriate based on God’s commandments. One of those are how today’s culture makes it acceptable to cancel parents and let go of elderly mothers. But what we fail to see is the blessing of honoring them that the Lord promised if we do so. There is no amount of success and material possession that can replace our respect to the people who raised us sacrificially and courageously, even the Lord Jesus Christ himself submitted to the parenthood of Joseph and Mary, though He is King, and He is their savior too, yet we see here how the Lord values this as a commandment.

To honor your parents until the end is a blessing, it is showing God’s love to those who took care of us and every child who brings back the respect and love to their parents are those whose walk in life are covered and bound by the loving hands of our heavenly Father. Be encouraged today to not let modernization overpower this value, let us teach this in the next generation.

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