Daily Bread

The Beginning of Wisdom

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. Proverbs 1:7

Our human intellect and the ways we lived by served as our resources for everyday living. We face circumstances daily that requires our responses and we make decisions that can come with consequences, from the very words we say to the major actions we take. Naturally, we analyze alongside with human logic.

However, our human intellect is only limited. There are things that we can not discern, there are decisions that we can make out of abruptness, indecisiveness and unstable emotion. More dangerously, we sometimes find it difficult to differentiate the right responses, most especially when we want to justify what we do for our favor. Thus, we need Godly wisdom to discern things and to weigh our responses to all kinds of situations that we face every day. Thankfully, the scripture invites us that the Lord gives wisdom to those who ask of it (James 1:5).

But wisdom begins when we surrender to the sovereignty of the Lord. We acknowledge His Lordship in our lives and position ourselves in humility, we revere Him, we want to honor Him because we fear Him that leads us to His love and going towards the heart of God. For it is the Lord Holy spirit, He who lives in us, that guides us to the right discernments, convicts and teaches us, that we may respond out of Godly wisdom.

Today, come to the Lord in humility that you need His wisdom, look up to God with honor and reverence that we may know to listen to Him more than to our own voices and the voices of others.

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