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Thanksgiving and Praises – Psalm 100:4

For this whole Psalm, it talks about thanksgiving, praising, glory and grace to our God. The psalmist did not talk about anything in this psalm probably because he wants to just talk about the goodness of God and praising Him for what He truly deserves. 

The Lord is indeed good and deserves all the praises we can give to Him. However, don’t get the idea wrong, He doesn’t need our praises and glory to become good and great because He is existentially good and great but it is our sole role to give Him praise for all the good things He has done in our lives. 

As Christians, it is very important for us to understand that praising and giving glory to God is something we do naturally because we have already tasted His goodness and love in our lives. We have seen and witnessed His grace and we have understood how far He is willing to do to save us. 

Therefore, out of His grace and mercy, praising and giving Him glory should manifest in our lives. We are ought to do everything for His glory and not for our glory. We are ought to follow Jesus’ footsteps because we are already branded as His sons and daughters. We are ought to give Him praise and adoration for He rightfully deserves it. 

Again, God doesn’t need all of these for He is existentially good and merciful but again, we are ought to do this for we are His witnesses and the witnesses of Jesus’ unfathomable love and sacrifice for us. So as we face our day to day endeavor and enter a new day, chapter or milestone in our lives, let us enter it with thanksgiving and praises to Him. 

Let us also enter His kingdom with praises and adoration for He rightfully deserves it. The God who defeated death, who became our atoning sacrifice and became our lamb is the same God who is shielding us from everything in this present situation. 

So let us be thankful, give Him praise and glory and declare that He is good and His love endures forever. May we always remember that He is existentially good and that we are saved because of His grace through faith in Jesus Christ. Let us not fear anything that will befall on us for we have a big God with us. 

Enter His gates with thanksgiving and His courts with praise!

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