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Soul Longing for God – Psalm 42:1

This Psalm started out of pure desperation. The deer panting for the streams of water means that it is very weak and in need of help and strength. It is a very wonderful metaphor for us Christians who have been feeling the same thing everyday. 

We are always in need of strength and we always hunger for God’s water of life. As the deer pants, it is depicting that it is very thirsty and dry inside. Just like our soul, we are most of the time dry and thirsty. We drink lots of water to satisfy our thirst but we can never satisfy our soul’s thirstiness drinking the same water. 

As Christians, we are always put into a situation where our faith is always tested and the enemy will always try to take us away from the truth and that can make us dry and thirsty. Our weary soul will always need water everyday as we face our daily adversities. 

So, as this Psalm mirrored our soul to a thirsty deer, we can realize that our thirsty soul can only be satisfied by God. Deers seem to be so weak and predators usually hunt for deers because they are very easy to catch. Just like us, we are weak and easy targets for our enemy. So God is reminding us through this verse that our soul should find the water that can quench our thirst and strengthen us that can only be found in Him. 

As Jesus Christ came to this world to die for us, He promised us strength, victory over sin and that He will be with us forever. However, we tend to walk away from His grace and in doing so, it will make us weak and thirsty for Him. So, may we always remember that our thirsty souls can only be satisfied by the water God can give us. 

Let us live our lives panting for God’s water and always needing Him. We should remember that our soul will always go weary, so we need strength that can only be found in Him through His Word. Again, the Scripture is our guide into this dark world, and now we know that it is also the water that can quench our thirst. 

May God continue to bless us and provide us the strength, the water of life and His protection throughout our lives. Let us not forget that we are all saved because of His grace and we have this strength inside us because of His love for us.

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