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Seek Him First – Matthew 6:33

This is one of the most famous verses in the world. This verse is commonly seen in artworks, quotes and even in a children’s notebook. However, most of the time we get to take the real message in here. Usually, we understand this verse as God telling us to follow Him and we will prosper in our earthly life but God does not really mean this. 

In the verses before this, Jesus talked about not worrying about all the things we need because God will sustain it. Jesus used the birds and the lilies as an example and proof that God will sustain every living creature’s needs so how much more us? 

This verse is reminding us that to seek God’s kingdom first should not because we think about all the things we can get after. Jesus wants to remind us all that in seeking God’s kingdom first, doesn’t mean that we will lose all the hardships in life. Even Christians still suffer the cruelness of this world. Seeking means not only finding God but it is the constant communion with God. 

Seeking Him doesn’t only mean doing what God wants us to do first, or going to church first and then doing everything after. It doesn’t only mean giving up one activity for God but it means constantly finding Him through His word. God wants us to focus on Him instead of focusing on the things we don’t have. 

Jesus said after this verse to therefore stop worrying about tomorrow. He used the word ‘therefore’ which means that He already gave us the solution for our problems and it is to seek God’s kingdom first. It is only through constant communication with God will nurture us into pursuing pure righteousness. 

As we seek Him, He will also work in our lives and will change us into a new creation in Christ Jesus. Seeking Him first means submitting everything we have in Him, may it be our schedules, our relationships, our worries and etc because through this, we will then be able to stop worrying and to stop wasting our time on such trivial facts. 

After this command, there is then a promise about all the things will be added unto us. Jesus did not mean absence of troubles and hardships but He meant that everything we need will be met. Note that it is everything we NEED, not everything we desire because God knows our hearts and He has bigger plans for us. 

Everything we need means everything we actually need like food, clothing, love, and etc. God is the God who prosper His people in His perfect time. Of course we don’t really need bonggacious success, but God looks out for us and He will grant us what He designed us to have and He also listens to our desires. 

Therefore, let us not worry about tomorrow or anything. God knows what we actually need and He will provide us everything. He is faithful and He will never break His promise. May we remember what this verse truly meant and what God has instore for us. We must not forget that He is the God who knows when we will sit and we will walk, therefore He knows our every need. 

So may we serve Him in spirit and in truth and make Him our first priority. May we seek Him constantly through His word and be always reminded of how much He loved us to the point of dying for us and through this God will be able to change us from a worrier to a God-dependent person. As we seek Him first, may we always remember to submit everything to Him and let Him rule over our lives for everything will be added after this. 

Let us put all our faith in Him and trust no one except Jesus who won against death and sin. Let us always be thankful and grateful to the Lord of lords, instead of worrying about everything. Let us rejoice for He is a faithful God.

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