Saved By Grace! – Titus 3:5

It is very hard to accept free admissions or free passes or anything free. We mostly feel bothered and wanting to repay that person who gave us something free because our pride can’t take it. We want to call it quits and do the same thing for them or even better just to feel at ease and to feel that we don’t owe someone anything. 

However, our spiritual salvation is the same as receiving free gifts from an old friend, but we can never repay it nor it was given because we did something good. Our salvation was made possible because of God’s love towards us. We never did anything good for us to deserve our salvation. 

We are all saved and washed clean the moment we believe in Jesus Christ— that He came to the world, dwell among us, died and rose again. Only through our faith in Christ and if we believe wholeheartedly that we are saved by Him, we can be saved. It is not like a friend giving us a gift and that we can give him something in return, but it is just something God has given us freely because He loves us, He is gracious and merciful. 

The salvation that Jesus made possible for us to receive was something we could never have made possible through our good deeds, righteous works nor heritage for it is written in Isaiah that our good deeds are just like filthy rags on God’s eyes because we are sinful by nature and our good deeds are not good at all. The salvation we are enjoying right now all centers around God’s grace, mercy and love. 

God doesn’t want us to perish so He came to the world to save us from our sins. Again, we can only be saved through our faith in Jesus Christ, not because of our good works. As we believe in Him, we are then renewed and washed clean by the Holy Spirit which makes us new creation and born again but this time as children of God— holy, purified and saved. 

May we never forget the reason why we are sinned and be consumed by thought that we are god people, therefore we deserve the salvation but instead, we must always remember that we are sinful and we don’t deserve God’s mercy and love but because He is a good God, a merciful, gracious and loving God, we are saved! 

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