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Not By Our Works – Ephesians 2:8-9

Salvation is probably one of the topics in Christian life that has been so clear. This must be the first topic you and your Pastor talked about. This is also the most important lesson and facts that we need to know as we journey our Christian life. 

However, because of all the good things we are doing and we are so busy about all our ministries, we tend to forget this part. We must always be reminded that our salvation only comes from Jesus Christ because of His grace towards us. 

This verse must also be so famous because even young Christians memorize this but it is still nice if we will be reminded by this. In this verse, it revolves around the true and the way to our salvation. It is very important for us to remember that the everlasting life we will receive soon is coming from the grace of God. 

We should always remember that we didn’t deserve this salvation; we didn’t do anything to deserve this and that we can never acquire this by our efforts. Instead, we can only receive this through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This is a gift for all of us—  a gift we never deserve. 

It is not by our works, it can never be acquired through our good works because as Isaiah says, our works are all filthy rags in the eyes of God. We are all sinful by nature and even if we think that our good works are good, we can never be good. So if we consider that we can be saved because we have helped so many people, or we donated so much money for the poor, think again!

These are all just trivial because we are all sinners. However, God has provided us salvation through His Son Jesus Christ because of His love and mercy and this is what we call grace. His grace is sufficient. Yet, we still need to be watchful because God is a Holy God and He hates sins. It doesn’t mean that we are saved, we can continue sinning. We must always remember that if you truly believe that you are saved, it will manifest in your life. 

Being saved is not only the title, it is being able to understand what it means and there should be a big change in your life— from darkness to light for light cannot be associated with darkness and darkness cannot associate with light.

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