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Rest on the Lord – Psalm 62:1

In another translation of this verse, they used the words, “waits in silence” and we can then reflect as humans, we are very impatient and we hate waiting. Waiting makes us paranoid and uneasy. We don’t like pending tasks or anything that is associated with waiting. 

Ironically, this verse is reminding us about David’s situation before. He was sought by many enemies whose goal was to destroy him. He was put into a situation where we, normal people will panic. However, David wrote this Psalm that says his soul finds rest in God. Just like many of David’s Psalms, he always recognizes God as his rock and his salvation. 

Despite all the enemies he had, his soul remains calm, in rest and waiting for the Lord because he knows that there is no one who can save him, aside from God. He even again wrote that his salvation comes from Him alone. 

May we all like David, that even when we are in a situation where we cannot wait to solve any problem or confront a misunderstanding or we are just in the season of waiting, we will remain calm and we will be able to identify our Savior. We should always rest our soul to God because He alone can save us. 

You may be thinking that it is just a small issue you are facing right now and you can solve it all by yourself, but always remember that when we received Jesus Christ, we already had submitted ourselves to God so taking in charge of what is happening in our lives means we really did not fully submit. 

We should grow dependent on our God because whatever circumstances we will face, we will find our soul at rest and unbothered just like King David was. May we remember that only God can give us salvation and only in Him we will find it. 

David was not able to see Jesus in his time but he held on to the promise of God that a Savior will come, that is why he declared that his salvation can only be found in God. We too have not seen physically Jesus dying on the cross but may we also become like David who held on to God’s promise, we too will hold on to His promise that Jesus died and rose again from the dead for our sake. 

We may not see Jesus physically but we can see Him through the Scripture so we must hunger for the Word everyday and seek Him everyday. As we seek Jesus, we will find our soul resting in perfect peace because we know that we should only wait for Him and that our salvation can only be found in Him. 

Let us grow dependent on Jesus and be at peace as we let Him rule over our lives and fight our battles.

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