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Power, Love and Self-Control – 2 Timothy 1:7

Being a child of God is an intense and unending struggle within oneself. There will be so many instances that we will fear for our lives and timidly hide in the shadows. There are also times that we will be tested on our level of confidence and courage.

When Paul wrote his letter to Timothy, he reminded Timothy about God giving us the Spirit that will give us power, love and self-control, not timidity. He knows that there will be really time or most of the time we will fear and be timid, just like how usually Timothy was. 

Also, Paul wrote it because he knew at that time that he might be executed soon. He wanted to remind Timothy that even if he was in that position, he is not regretting anything— it can be proven on verse 8 when Paul said that Timothy should join with him in suffering for the Gospel. Paul was so sure and so full of fire that even his death can never make him afraid because he knows that he is saved. 

That reminder was not only for Timothy but also for everyone of us. Just like him, we must be reminded who we are and what power we are holding. We must remember that when Jesus ascended to heaven and He promised to give us the Holy Spirit, along with it is power, love and self-control. 

We must claim the promise of God as we need power in our lives. However, it is not the strength that can be found by relying on our own strength but can be found through Jesus Christ. We also need love, but it is not manifested by our own fleshly desires and own concept of love but through the love of Christ which was shown two thousand years ago on the cross— which can also be only manifested if we are in Him and He is in us. We then need self-control as we live our lives as children of God but this cannot be achieved through our own effort or church seminars. This can only be achieved through the help of God in the Scriptures. We must be trained by the Word and we should also have the heart to be disciplined and to understand that God disciplines His children. 

Again, we may always remember that God did not give us the Spirit of timidity but power, love and self-control. As children of God, it will be very hard for us to not be afraid and we tend to chicken-out in times of hardships but we must always dwell on the promise and power of God and claim that we will be able to overcome everything. 

May we like Paul who is enjoying the suffering for the Gospel because He knows that Jesus has his back and He will never leave him. As we remember this, we must also remember the fruits of the Holy Spirit and practice its effectiveness in our lives through the meditation of the Word. 

As Paul confidently reminded us and became our example, we must always put in our minds that we can all be like him— confident and at peace because He knows that Jesus died and defeated death already. After all, Jesus came to the world to save us from our sins and if we believe that He rose from the dead— we will be saved. May we be blessed by the Word and develop the courage, the power and strength, love and self-control God has bestowed upon us. We are His children and indeed, we are powerful, loving and disciplined!

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