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Peace and Righteousness – Isaiah 26:3

This whole chapter of Isaiah 26 talks about a song of praise with an intent of declaring that he trusts God’s provision and the restoration of Israel into walking in righteousness and peace. Isaiah declares that one day will come that Israel will be redeemed and restored into God’s perfect peace and righteousness. For if their hearts are focused on God, His peace will envelop them. 

Indeed! This is also like us today. If we set our eyes and our hearts in Christ, we will too have peace and righteousness. We will be flooded with inner peace and we will walk in righteousness. For peace and righteousness are together and dependent on each other. However, we can never have these two without Christ. 

We can only find true peace and righteousness in Christ the perfecter of our faith. In Psalm we read that peace and righteousness kissed each other. As we walk and let Christ’s righteousness embrace us, we will also find peace with God. Same as, if we have found peace in God, we will be able to walk in righteousness for a heart that is in peace will desire righteousness. 

Furthermore, this is two kinds of peace. The peace that means the ending of God’s wrath towards mankind and the peace that means complete reliance and the complete feeling of being at ease in God’s hand. The first peace we are talking about is the ending of God’s wrath. Meaning that this peace was made possible by Jesus Christ. Just like the declaration of faith of Isaiah that Israel will be restored in God, we too will find complete restoration with Him. 

For sins will give us a big edge with God, but through Jesus Christ, He restored our communication with God. He ripped that big curtain of sin that is dividing us and God. Through Jesus Christ, God’s wrath was no longer there because He had received it all. Therefore, the peace WITH God means the restoration of our relationship with God. 

The second peace is the peace we will feel when we are already restored with God. It is the peace IN God. Being in God’s wings, we will feel at peace even in the midst of chaos. This peace will be gained the moment we will put our steadfast trust in God through the death of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. God will give us the peace that transcends all understanding. 

So, as we have these two kinds of peace, it will then result into living a righteous life in Christ. Again, this will never be possible by our own deeds but it is only possible through Christ. As you can observe, Jesus Christ is always part of the equation because it is indeed, only through Him!

Therefore, let us trust in God for we will be able to keep in perfect peace. If our minds and hearts are steadfast in Him, we will be able to keep in perfect peace. Let us always remember that it is only through Christ we will be able to have these and through Him we will finally say that we are at peace. May we always trust God’s process and promises as we live our lives in perfect righteousness in Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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