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Our Redeemer – Job 19:20

“I know that my redeemer lives, and that in the end he will stand on the earth.” – Job 19:20

Our verse today came from the words of Job, during the time when one by one, everything was taken away from him. Although as we read it in the present times, we will come to an understanding that he is talking about Jesus Christ who is our redeemer, our vindicator. This will also show then that Job knows about the coming of Christ that he confidently said that his redeemer lives or his vindicator lives and in the end He will stand on the earth. 

However, during the context of Job, his friends were accusing him of doing something so bad that God has turned His back against him. Thus, the reason why everything was taken from him, one by one. So, during these accusations, Job declared that he knows that his vindicator lives. He confidently declared that God, his vindicator from all of the things accused of him, He will vindicate him. God will stand in the midst and vindicate him. 

During the time of Job, it indeed looked like he made the biggest mistake that made God take away everything he held dear. However, Job did not know what’s happening in the spiritual realm and although he did not know, he still confidently said that God will vindicate him and that no matter what people will say about him, God will be there to prove them wrong. Indeed God was there, indeed He vindicated Job, and he even became one of the examples of prophets with great faith and trust in God. 

Despite the expression of great faith and trust in God, Job was still human and doubted God for a moment. Still, God clearly understands this part of us so He was still faithful to remember what Job did, and not counting his sins against him. Now, since the context of this verse is all about how Job believes and understands that God will vindicate him, this is also true to us now. When that time, it was Job that needed a vindicator, a redeemer, now, we need a vindicator and redeemer also. 

For all the sins we did, for all the unrighteousness things we committed, we are deserving of wrath and we deserve to lose everything. Just like what happened to Job, we deserve all of the unfortunate things that happened to us for we are evil, we are unfaithful, and we are sinful. Indeed that we need a vindicator, a redeemer. So, Christ came to the world to become our redeemer. He saved us from all unrighteousness and from the cycle of sin and death. 

Christ is our redeemer, our vindicator that indeed we can say like Job that we know that our redeemer lives. It is also true that our vindicator lives for He died for us all, and also has resurrected to beat the final enemy which is death. Now, we are vindicated, we are redeemed from all of our sins. Indeed that we needed Christ as our redeemer, and now we are redeemed because of His act two thousand years ago. May we always remember that we are vindicated because of Christ. Our salvation comes from Him and from nothing else. We should always put in our minds that Christ will always be to stand in the midst of us and Father, so we will be imputed with His righteousness. All praises and glory belongs to Him, Jesus Christ always. Amen.

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