Mourning to Joy! – Psalm 30:5

Have you ever realized that everything that happened to you before was the reason why you are like this now, in a good way? Have you thought that if it didn’t happen, you would’ve still remained weak?

Going back to our past is such a hard thing to do, especially if that past is a big black hole in our life. It is not easy to think about it and it is not a happy memory we want to reminisce about. However, we should remember that everything happens for a reason. 

God may have disciplined us before but we should think about the benefit we received now because of what happened. We may have struggled with loneliness, depression, brokenness and etc but we must think of it as God gently molding us into the strong person we are now. 

We may also have experienced physical complications or health complications but again, let us always remember that God will always turn that unfortunate happenings into useful experience and as our lesson. The rod of God will really discipline us for He is a Holy God and He doesn’t tolerate sins. 

However, we cannot blame God for it because all of those actions were caused by our sinful nature. But God is also faithful and loving, His anger will subside and that discipline will turn out to be a lifetime of grace in Christ Jesus. God’s anger will only last for a moment but His favor and grace is everlasting.

The verse we used today is a celebration verse which David wrote to let us see the transformation of every situation. From mourning to joy; from sickness to healing; from death to life; from God’s judgement to God’s lifetime favor— it is God’s powerful restoration and an evidence that God can turn all the unfortunate happenings into His favor and grace. 

So now, whenever we are hurting or worried, we should only have to remember all the bad things that had happened to us and in that way, we can remember how God has saved us from it and how He turned those opportunities to grant us grace so we can also, be at still and know that He will do it again. 

Just like how Jesus died on the cross to save us from death, He will also save us in everything bad we are facing right now because He loves us so much. He will turn our mourning into joy because weeping will only be in the night but there will be rejoicing in the morning. 

May we always remember that God gently mold us into what we are now today through the bad experiences we had. May we always be thankful to Him that He is always ready to be with us inside the dark tunnel to be our light. Jesus will always turn our mourning into joy because He loves us so much and He died on the cross for us.

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