Young Disciples is the campus ministry that is dedicated to increasing concern for the world through awareness, action, and prayer. The goal of YD is to increase awareness of the worldwide body of believers and of the world’s physical and spiritual needs; equip students to act on this awareness through everyday choices, involvement in programs and missions experience in America and abroad; and to pray earnestly for the persecuted church and specific situations worldwide. Through all different and inspired ideas that are fuelled by the pioneering spirit, our ministries have grown at incredible rates and tried innovative things. Find out more about how our different ministries help make the dream of God a reality.

Campus Witnessing

A witness has a very crucial role within the history of God. Therefore, we need to understand what being a witness represents. A witness, before, was someone that was able to testify to the miraculous acts in the bible. Although, nowadays, a witness is someone who can testify to the love that God has shown through His truth, mercy, and grace. Furthermore, on a deeper level, a witness is someone that has received the grace, fully, and wishes to share that grace with others.

Regardless of who we are, being a witness to Christ is vital in supporting the commission that God has appointed us to. We must witness in every circumstance of our lives, both publicly and privately, in every atmosphere always holding true to the model of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

The mission of YD brings us to the college campuses of the world. A college can be defined as an institution bringing the world’s brightest minds to test their areas of knowledge within this world and granting them degrees for their achievements, but within this environment the value of God’s knowledge decreases. To be a witness on campus is to share our knowledge of Christ and to show the significance of His word. More importantly, we, as witnesses take part in something larger than people can imagine, and so should represent the value of who we are.

Evangelism Training

“All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Mt 28:18-19 (NIV)

The goal of evangelism is clearly stated, “‚Ķmake disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” However, at times, we need to remind ourselves why we train and why we evangelize. If we look at the experiences that are acquired from evangelism we can see that it helps us in furthering the dream of God. It is of the utmost importance that we are strong and sturdy to our faith yet exhibiting absolute humility. Also, we must know that with each time we evangelize, the closer we get to His kingdom being fulfilled.

The basics on how to evangelize are simply as followed:

  1. Hold on to grace that God has given you.
  2. Remember the purpose of why you’re evangelizing and view this from a wider angle.
  3. Pray to God before and after you evangelize
  4. Don’t forget your spiritual confidence (see Eph 6:10 -20)
  5. Hold on to this opportunity and then go out the next time with a stronger and more humble heart

Missionary Dispatch

The theology of missionary work is based in the scriptures from the beginning to the end. This is the revelation of the very nature of God and the Bible and part of the progression of the history of salvation. This is the record of human history for God’s eternal purpose which brings him glory.

Young Disciples has a history of sending missionaries to various corners of the world from participating nations. By sending the missionaries, our goal is to establish presence within a nation and raise native student leaders to take charge of their own national campuses. We recruit missionary from within local fellowship branches or local universities and dispatch them for both short term and long term missions.

For every missionary who is dispatched, the field administration would ensure the proper training and readiness were provided and mobilize financial and spiritual support for the mission. Also, making certain that proper communication can be kept from field to administration is a crucial element of the dispatch.

Short-Term Missions

To college students or ones who has an occupation restricted to a certain area who has interest in going on short-term missions, Young Disciples offers opportunities in various nations for mission work from a period of 6 months to 3 year. The types of mission programs in this area includes summer programs for students, short-term programs fro retirees, professionals, and other skilled persons that can take time out of their normal routine.

Many young people have first sensed their calling in missionary vocation by entering such program. Some have verified the direction of their lives. Through the experience, a new understanding of missions was gained and the new vision of mission gives a new perspective to their lives.

Christian Tentmakers

The policy of Young Disciples for every region of mission financially is the principle of tent-making. Apostle Paul, when he went on wandering missions evangelizing in the areas of Macedonia and Minor Asia, took the initiative of using his profession as a tool for financing his ministry. Each mission field works on its own accord without dependency. The native leadership and missions are trained with the same approach.

Mission Network

To maintain proper communication and report among mission fields across the world, the international and regional administrations have developed advanced global networking through the effective use of information technology.

Through technology, reports on mission progress and communications are conduct on a standard basis to ensure the accountability of each mission field and to provide higher standard of service to certain fields when needed.

The network is managed and moderated by a team to bring the fastest update and mission reports across the world. Effective and clear directives to mission work are essential in building a direct relationship and goals of each mission to the same vision.

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