Anchoring to the Living Hope

Blessed are those whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord their God. Pslam 146:5

Hope serves as the light of our faith. In fact every day, we wake up with hope, hoping that the rest of the day would be favorable for us. Hoping that we can say that it will be a better day. Generally, everybody places hope in certain things. Some hope in people, others hope in money and possessions, while most of us hope in our personal capabilities to make it through the day. We need hope every day, as it motivates us, encourages us and enable us to look and move ahead.

The thing is, not all things where we place our hope assures us, in fact most of them fail us. But there is one hope that supernaturally pushes us to look forward with positivity and enthusiasm despite of all the negativities going on around – Jesus Christ.

For today’s daily bread tells us that “blessed” are we who hope in the Lord. Jesus Christ, the living hope of these darkest times. In the midst of sin, in Christ, there is hope of forgiveness and empowerment to overcome it. In discouragements, there is hope that we have in Christ who can understand our pain and heal us to move forward. In faithlessness, there is hope that we have a God who longs and wait for us to come home to Him through Christ. This Hope, is so powerful that it enable us to make it through the darkest times, a hope that protects us from the deceitfulness of the enemy, and a hope that leads us to a state that awaits for eternal joy with our creator while being growing in Christlikeness. Today, we invite you to anchor your hope in the living hope, Jesus Christ.

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