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Live as Someone Worthy of the Gospel – Philippians 1:27

“Whatever happens, conduct yourselves in a manner worthy of the gospel of Christ.” – Philippians 1:27

In this world full of many whispers about what we should do or what we shouldn’t do, we are sometimes torn and end up not knowing how to act or what to do. Our verse today will remind us of how we should act and how we should live our lives. For many times already, Paul has always reminded us from the book of Ephesians to Colossians on how we should live our lives. 

Again, it is always better that we get to be reminded of all these things so that we can always reassess ourselves and realign our goals. So, how should we really live our lives? Is there a standard that we need to follow? Or is there any list of things we have to follow to have a successful life? 

Our verse today reminds us that as people who follow Christ and who believe in Him, we should live our lives in a manner worthy of the Gospel. We should always put in our minds that we are the little Jesus the people who don’t know Him will see. We should set as a good example for them and manifest Christ’s love in our lives. We should indeed live our lives worthy of the Gospel. 

However, we can then ask, “Does this mean that we really need work to be saved?” Definitely not! Living our lives worthy of the Gospel does not mean that through this we can have our salvation. Take note the term “manner worthy of the Gospel of Christ”, which means that we have already received it so we just have to live our lives as people who truly understand the depth of the Gospel. 

We have to always remember that whatever we do, we can never do anything good that can make us deserving of God’s grace for we are sinful by nature and we are saved only through His grace. However, as Christians, we have to have these standards of living and these standards are not only ordinary standards but it is all about imitating Christ’s image. We have to follow Christ and live our lives worthy of His death (though we can never do anything or contribute anything for our salvation) by setting our lives as an example for the people who still don’t know Him. 

Therefore, the main point of this reminder is that Paul has once again reminded us of the importance of walking in-sync with Christ’s footsteps. Discipleship is the greatest task God has given us and we cannot succeed in this without having changes in our lives. We can never spread the Gospel and truly understand it if there are no changes within us first. There should be a big transition from darkness to light so that we can become good witnesses of Christ’s love to other people. 

So, as Christians, we must always remember to live our lives in a manner worthy of the Gospel. We should become a good example for the people who still don’t know Christ. We should spread the Gospel in any way through our lives. Spreading the Gospel doesn’t have to be so difficult and we don’t have to become great teachers because we can just tell the world about His love through giving the same love to others and serving each other with love. In that way, they will see how good and great the God we serve. The God who died and rose again on the third day for us all. The God who defeated sin and death with His blood and sacrifice.

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