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Light of the World – Matthew 5:14

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14

Have you ever tried being assigned as someone who will guide other people? Have you felt the burden of living your life carefully because people will see you as their influencer and inspiration? Have you given the thought of how difficult it is for celebrities to be their own self because there are many people who look up to them and who always watch their every move? 

Our verse today talks about being the spotlight, not being IN the spotlight. We have heard of so many people leaving their showbiz life because they want to have their own privacy. Many people who also left their service work because they don’t want to be a point person who guides people anymore. Sometimes, being an inspiration to other people can really be so bothersome. 

However, in today’s verse we are once again reminded what is our role. As Christians, who already know the path to salvation which is believing in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, we are also made as the light of the world. Though, technically Jesus is the only true light but His light covers and embraces us fully to the point that we can reflect this light to others. God wants us to understand that this world is a big dark chasm. There is no light in here and most of the time, people who hold the light will be persecuted. 

Indeed, this is such a big responsibility. Even people who are living their normal life with people looking up to them can be so tiring and heavy. Yet, we have to understand that this privilege God has enabled us to have is not tiring and heavy. This is not heavy and tiring because in the first place, it is not us who lives anymore but it is Christ. It is not us who maintains good credentials for we are already holding the title Jesus Christ has given to us. 

When we become Christians, we also become the light of the world. Jesus used the metaphor ‘a city on a hill’ because a city in a hill cannot really be hidden. It will really shine out and it will become the focal point of travellers, especially at night. Just like lighthouses in some beaches, it is the guide for all the people who travel at night especially people who travel at night with a storm.

Therefore, Jesus wants us to understand that we are indeed the light of the world, a city on the hill cannot be hidden. We have to understand that in this dark world, we are the spotlight who guides the people in their walk. We, Christians, are the ones bringing the light to them so that they will also know the light they can have if they follow Jesus. We are God’s representatives. However, unlike artists, people don’t really look up to us for people like to dwell in darkness. We are not just like any other influencer who only sits on the corner and waits for people to approach. 

We are different because we intentionally approach all the people who need light to give them the light we also have. We are tasked to become the focal point; the guide; the landmark; and the representatives of God. The death and resurrection of Christ is the real source of the light and we are just reflecting it to others. Therefore, as we reflect Christ’s light in our lives to others, we are bringing them the message of salvation that can only be found in Jesus. 

Since we are the light of the world, we are expected to live our lives being the light. We cannot dwell in darkness and just turn off our brightness whenever we want because that is not being a real light. We can’t be both light and darkness. We cannot uphold our role as being the light if we still love to dwell in darkness. God has paid for our sins and died for it already, the only thing we can do is to share this good message to others by becoming their light in this dark world. 

As representatives of God, we should not feel the burden of being the guide for other people for it is our joy to declare to the world what Jesus Christ did on the cross for us all. We must not dwell in darkness anymore, but shine as the light of the world, as the guide for all the people. We must become their guide so that they can find their way into the Savior’s arm. It should be our joy to serve God and to proclaim His Gospel to this dark world. 

May we always remember that we are the light of this world. People will really use us as their guide and their focal point to arrive at our Savior’s waiting arms. We must always remember that being the light of the world is such a big responsibility but it is also a big joy for us all Christians. There is nothing greater joy than to praise and adore God with our lives. Let us become the light of the world, preaching and proclaiming the message of our God to the people who still don’t know it. Being a true Christian, and being able to fully understand what it means to be a Christian will make us automatically the light of the world for God’s love, grace and mercy will manifest in our lives and shines out to others. 

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