Life Hidden in Christ – Colossians 3:3

“For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God.” – Colossians 3:3

Death can be something we don’t want to face or for some, death can be used as an excuse to leave this fallen world. We either fear death or be glad that we will die. There’s no in between. However, as long as we are now all in Christ, we are repeatedly reminded that we must not fear death and we must accept it with joy for death is only a passway to fully be with God in heaven. 

Now, in our verse today, we are ushered into a different outlook of death. We all know that as Christians, death can be joyous because we know that we are saved by grace through faith and that we will be with Jesus in paradise. So, today we will also learn that we are not only going to be with Christ but our life is now hidden with Christ. Meaning, our life can only be found in Christ for it is hidden in Him. 

When Jesus died on the cross, although not physically, He has taken us with Him. We also died with Him because He has brought us our salvation through His sacrifice and through that, He has put a stop of sin and death. He rose from the dead and by that, He also made us victors over sin and death. Sin and death could not hold us anymore and our life is not captivated by sin anymore. That is why, because of Christ’s salvation, our life is now safeguarded by Christ and our life can only be found in Him. 

Indeed that our lives are really safeguarded and hidden in Christ so that we can no longer use our life to dwell with sinfulness that results in death. Jesus Christ is the keeper of our soul and our lives. He is the only one that can complete it and can give meaning and purpose to it. We were born in this world to serve Him and to glorify His name. In doing so, we are also called to bring more people to Him so that He can also safeguard their life and hide their life so that no sin can penetrate it. 

Therefore, we really have to remember always that once Jesus died for us, we also died with Him. Take not, Paul meant to write this into a past tense for us to really understand that the action of Jesus Christ was done. It was accomplished and finished, so the only way to get that prize is to believe in Him and let Christ become our safe keeper. Let us let Christ hide our lives in Him and let Him protect it for He is the Good Shepherd who laid down His life for the sheep. Thus, may we always put in our minds that we are now Christians, our lives are hidden in Christ. Let us not find it in Him and then take it away to succumb to sinfulness, but let us find it in Him, let Him keep it and let Him guide us into His glory.

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