Keeping God’s Statutes – Psalm 119:2

“Blessed are those who keep his statutes and seek him with all their heart” – Psalm 119:2

Psalm 119 is known as the chapter of Psalm where it encourages us to really hold on to the Word of God. The whole chapter talks about how we should solely depend on the Word of God and let the Word of God minister in us so that we will be able to look directly into Christ and focus on Him. Now, our verse today is part of this beautiful chapter, which reminds us that blessed are those people who keep His statutes and seek Him with all their hearts. We have to understand that we are indeed blessed if we keep the Word of God inside us. After all, He is our shield, He is our Provider, He is our strength, and He is our salvation. 

However, a lot of times, we forget that the Word of God is what we need. We only need the Word of God, but most of the time, we choose not to keep His statutes. We choose to chase other things instead of seeking God. A lot of times we are put into a situation where we always choose to chase other things instead of chasing and seeking what God wants us to seek. Instead of seeking God, we seek our dreams, our jobs, our earthly desires, and our sins. That is why God wants to remind us through our verse today that we are so blessed if we keep His statutes. We are so blessed if we continually seek Him. 

The reason why we are so blessed is that the Word of God is our way. It is our light during our darkest times, and we need to understand that we must always meditate on it day and night. Now, if we continue to hold and keep the statutes of God, then we will be able to be on the right path and let God save us and bless us. After all, our only way to be on the right path or to keep walking in the way of the Lord is through meditating on the Word and always letting God be the Lord of our lives. So, we must always keep the statutes of the Lord, so we will be guided and we will not forget His commandments. 

Therefore, as people of God, we need to keep His statutes of God. He will keep us safe, He will bless us, and we must continue to seek Him. Let us always remember to meditate on His Word for it is our only way to keep on walking in the path of righteousness. Let us have Christ in our hearts and let Him minister to us. Be all glory and honor be unto our God. All praises and adorations belong to Him alone.

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