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Justified and Saved – Romans 10:10

“For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.” – Romans 10:10

Many people emphasize that it is important to walk the talk. Indeed it is important because it shows that a person is not all about just talking but also true with what he or she is talking about. In our verse today, we are reminded by Paul that it is with our heart that we are justified and it is with our mouth that we profess and are saved. This verse has somewhat led many people into confusion that our salvation will come from two things: believing and confessing. 

However, we should remember to read and understand the context of the Word. During the time Paul wrote this, Christians were persecuted. Many have come to their hidings claiming that they believe in Jesus Christ but were afraid to speak of Him because of the punishment. Although God did not specifically want us to put ourselves in dangerous places, what He means by this is that just once we believe in our hearts that we are justified already, it will automatically profess in our mouths that we are saved. 

Believing in our hearts and confessing are two synonyms or similar things in this concept. It is just like when we are saved, we instantly do good out of our gratefulness and out of our changed lives. Therefore, once we truly believe in our hearts that we are really saved, it will manifest in our mouths. It doesn’t mean that salvation comes only if we believe and confess, but salvation comes from Jesus Christ and only through faith in Him we believe that we are saved and because of that, we will be able to confess that we are saved. 

Furthermore, our mouths are a very nice instrument. God wants us to use this to proclaim His salvation and to proclaim that it only comes from Him, not to say ill about our neighbors or to boast. So, we have to use it to profess our faith and to proclaim where salvation comes from and to proclaim that we are under grace through faith in Jesus we are saved. Indeed that it is with our hearts that we believe and are justified because once we believe in the works of Jesus Christ and in Him, we are justified. 

We no longer stand in front of the Father guilty but Jesus has justified us and instead of the Father seeing us, He will see what Jesus did, and indeed we are justified. Now, indeed that it is with our mouths that we profess our faith and are saved. For after truly believing that we are justified, we now know also that we are saved and knowing that we are saved, we can then profess our faith and confess that indeed we are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ. 

Although confessing our faith is not the way to our salvation, it is very crucial to the salvation of others because we profess our faith and proclaim that we are saved, other people will also know how we got our salvation. Therefore, we will become witnesses of the glory of Christ and direct witnesses of His salvation. Thus, through it, although we will not be saved through it, it will help other people to know Christ. Other people will know the freedom from sin we received in Christ Jesus. So, it is indeed with our hearts that we believe and are justified and it is with our mouth that we profess and are saved. Let us become good witnesses of the Gospel and tell the world that Jesus is the only way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father except through Him (John 14:6).

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